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Networking Web Servers

Changing your Apache Server Root Directory Your Apache installation determines what content to s...


Networking Web Servers

Install Install nginx by running the commands below sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade...

Updating BookStack Using Docker

BookStack Development

You can use volumes within docker-compose to store your configurations for your services, includi...


Docker Docker Configuration

Docker GPG Key To add the GPG key for the official docker repository, curl -fsSL https://downloa...

Welcome to Knoats!

BookStack Knoats

This is a personal project in server-administration, documentation, and development. None of the ...

Server Hostname

Linux Admin System Admin

Renaming An Ubuntu Linux Host Renaming a host on Ubuntu is simple, just need to make some very s...

Bookstack Using Docker Compose

BookStack Installation

Creating a Bookstack on localhost A Bookstack can be easily ran with docker using the default .e...

Enabling Google 2FA

Linux Admin SSH Configuration

Overview Two factor authentication is easy to configure and helps further secure your server. It...

DevSec Baselines

Security Server Hardening

Overview DevSec offers a range of baseline tests for configuring basic security across various a...

Basic Domain Settings

Networking Domains

Basic Settings To configure basic DNS for a new domain, we will only really need to create two r...

Bash Profiles

Linux Admin Bash

Organizing Bash Settings The following block contains a listing of bash profiles, locations, and...


Security Monitoring

Links & Installation Fail2ban Documentation Linode Fail2ban Guide sudo yum install fail2ba...

Configure FTP

Linux Admin System Admin

  Installing Very Secure FTP Daemon I am using an Ubuntu 19.04 server in this guide, depending ...

Backup Bookstack Using Docker

BookStack Development

Don't drive as root, create a BookStack administrator account by following the adduser instructio...

BookStack Configuration

BookStack Installation

Environment Settings Bookstack stores custom settings file .env within its active directory, /va...

Staging Configs To A USB

Pi Backup Scripts

These scripts are broken, and are no longer being worked on.If you just copy them and execute the...

User Administration

Linux Admin SSH Configuration

Managing passwords Change current user password, prompt for current passwd - passwd If you can ...

Magic Mirror Modules:

Pi Magic Mirror

Install here:~/MagicMirror/modules/Add to config:~/MagicMirror/config/config.jsDefault Template:~...


Pi Magic Mirror

Execute the following command on your Raspberry Pi to install MagicMirror²:bash -c "$(curl -sL ht...

Yubikey SSH Authentication

Linux Admin SSH Configuration

Overview Yubikeys provide many different forms of secure authentication, for the sake of time th...